MFD all,

***Just before 1400 hrs & 1800 hrs, we ask all members to log off of Telestaff while data is complied and saved.  Members may log back in after 2 minutes.***

PO scheduling continues for FCAPTs &begins for LIEUTs today.   Refer to #NN 2018-47.


  • Local 215-represented employees will be selecting POs in one of two groups. Based upon seniority, Local 215-represented employees will choose, via running tally when members are contacted by telephone once picking begins, in which of the two equal within rank/shift groups they will make PO selections.

o Odd Group will select POs in cycles 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13

o Even Group will select POs in cycles 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14

Cycle #1 of 2019 begins on 12/16/2018 (red shift), 12/17/2018 (green shift), or 12/18/2018(blue shift).

PO group selections will be based on seniority in rank as of October 21st, 2018, and based on shift as of December 31st, 2018. Once Group 1 or Group 2 for each rank/shift has reached its limit, the remaining members in that rank/shift will be placed in the unfilled group. (For example, if there are 16 green shift captains, eight will ultimately receive a Group 1 designation and eight a Group 2 designation. In green shift seniority order, captains will choose their group preference prior to making their first round selections until one group is filled, in this case, eight slots. The remaining captains in that shift will be placed in the unfilled group.)

All field-assigned sworn members with the rank of Captain or below will be contacted via telephone on their assigned work shift for the purpose of selecting POs. PO selections will be picked in two (2) rounds. In the first round, members will select any two (2) days.  In the second round, members will select the remaining days. It is recommended that members complete a PO Selection Worksheet, provided by the department and available on the Local 215 website, and turn this in to their company officers. Company officers can use the information on this form in case members are unavailable by phone. At the end of the selection process, Local 215 will notify the department of those of its members who were unavailable via telephone, and who failed to complete a PO Selection Worksheet. The department will assign those members to POs that still have openings.

The following phone number will be used to contact PO Central:

    • Firefighter                                                      414-308-5756
    • Heavy Equipment Operator                          414-308-5757
    • Lieutenant                                                       414-308-5758
    • Captain                                                            414-308-5758

***Many of our members are swinging shifts; therefore, PO Central technicians will be contacting members individually based on seniority in rank not considering shift.  Members are asked not to place any selections in the Telestaff PO auction.  PO Central will need to manually enter PO selections on behalf of the member who are making selections in Cycle #1.  Members are still able to view the available days in the PO auction.  It is important all members are available both on duty (apart from emergency responses) and especially off duty.  This format will continue until a message has been conveyed to proceed with the Telestaff auction bidding format as we have done in the past.***

This is a lot of information. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

We will notify via email when the HEQOP and FIREF auctions are open.

Please be patient.

PO Central