(winners in BOLD)

Joshua Baerwald – son of HEO Paul Baerwald (Duty Disability)

Justin Baerwald – son of HEO Paul Baerwald (Duty Disability)

Benjamin Barmore – son of FF John Barmore (Retired)*

Kelly Barmore – daughter of FF John Barmore (Retired)

Matthew Bass – son of Lt. David Bass (M-18G)

Miranda Bass – daughter of Lt. David Bass (M-18G)

Noah Berger – son of FF Steve Berger (E-11R)

Alexis Bertram – daughter of HEO Lance Bertram (E-35R)

Austin Bertram – son of HEO Lance Bertram (E-35R)

Carson Blaszak – stepson of HEO Brent Miller (E-11R)

Shelden Bradley – daughter of Lt. Belinda Bradley (RE-18G)

Madelin Ginster – daughter of FF David Ginster (L-16R)

Meghan Hoose – daughter of Captain Christiaan Hoose (E-18B)

Matthew Lucas – son of Lt. Christopher Lucas (M-19R)

Benjamin Marz – son of HEO Peter Marz (E-11G)

Gabrielle Matiszik – daughter of Captain Richard Matiszik (L-16B)

Julia Matiszik – daughter of Captain Richard Matiszik (L-16B)

Melissa Michalak – daughter of HEO Mark Michalak (Retired)

Reid Miller – son of HEO Brent Miller (E-11R)

Sydney Monaghan – daughter of Lt. Kevin Monaghan (L-2R)

Peter Nycz Jr. – son of Lt. Peter Nycz (E-34R)

Robert Palmer – son of Captain Michael Palmer (E-1R)

Africa Pippin – daughter of Captain Lamon Pippin (E-16G)

Jack Pokora – son of Captain Steven Pokora (E-35G)

Alyssa Rinelli – daughter of HEO James Rinelli (Retired)

NOTE: * Special award given by the Hoffer family (see below).
Scholarships will continue to be given out each year until fund is exhausted.
**Winners will be notified by U.S. mail.**

“In gratitude for the support and comfort afforded to myself and our family, I am funding a special scholarship in the name of Lionel’s grandchildren.

The M-A-T Scholarship awards $1,500.00 to Benjamin Barmore as the first name drawn at the final Lionel Hoffer Scholarship Fund Bowling Event.
M-A-T represents Michael-Alex-Timothy who are Lionel’s grandchildren.

Thank you to the Auxiliary to Local 215 volunteers and all the participants who have made this event possible for the past 24 years. Beyond raising funds, I have always treasured the community and support.”

Tom Hoffer